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Emirati Children’s Day

The United Arab Emirates celebrates Emirati Children’s Day on the 15th of March every year. This comes in light of the great interest the state gives to children, and we follow the path of our wise leadership, as the Board of Directors of the Jafari Charitable Endowments in Dubai pays clear attention to Emirati children, and this is clearly evident. Through the "Orphans Forum", which is a day on which the Council celebrates orphaned children in an annual forum held during the holy month of Ramadan every year, In addition, to caring for them morally and materially to create a generation that enjoys a happy life within a society where national cohesion prevails, in addition to the role of the Imam al-Sadiq School - PBUH - for teaching the Holy Qur’an, which is prominent in this field, as the school provides all the capabilities and modern educational programs to prepare generations who have learned the sciences of Ahl al-Bayt. - PBUH - It was raised on the principles of true Islam, and strives to develop the abilities and skills of its students for the benefit of our society. We find them an active element in society whose motto is “Responsibility begins at a young age,” as they participate in religious and national events, as well as community events.

Congratulations to every Emirati child who grew up in a country that made humans the basis of development and renaissance.



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