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“Fourth Annual Forum for Orphans”

Coinciding with Zayed Humanitarian Day, the Board of Directors of the Jafaria Endowment Charitable Council of Dubai held the “Fourth Annual Forum for Orphans” on Friday, April 15, 2022, which was organized by the Charitable Works Committee of the Council. The forum was attended by His Excellency Hassan Al-Shawab, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Munir Al Rahma, General Director, and Mr. Jassim Rajab, Mr. Abdullah Bin Jafar, members of the Board of Directors. The forum was also attended by His Eminence Sheikh Mahmoud Al-Sa’i, and a group of donors and their families, orphans and their mothers, board staff and their families.

The donors were honored in appreciation of their effective efforts in making this forum a success which had a great impact in drawing happiness and joy on the faces of orphans.



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