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The JECCD's Chairman Opens Imam Al-Sadeq (AS) Academic Year

On Saturday 10/7/2023, His Excellency Ismail Al Abbas, Chairman of The Board of Directors of the Jafaria Charitable Endowments in Dubai, and His Excellency Hassan Al Shawab, Vice President, accompanied by Mr. Munir Al Rahma, Member of the Board of Directors, General Manager, and Mr. Jassim Rajab, Member of the Board of Directors, Financial Officer, made a courtesy visit to Imam Al Sadiq School - Peace be upon him - for teaching the Holy Qur’an. Where they toured the school along with the administrative staff, during which they inspected the school’s work plans. The visit had a positive and effective impact in encouraging the students, and spreading the spirit of interaction and competition among them for seriousness and diligence.



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